Scary Stuff

many strange things are happening in this world of ours . i love reading about mysteries and weird and scary stuff . here you ha ve a collection of

urban legends / strange disappearances / mysteries / thought germs / rumors / scary stories

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the Wickham manuscripts

okay so aparently a guy found this wooden suitcase in a trash can and never opened it that was in 2008 but then he opened it and then in 2013 he goes to his friend called wickham and there was some seriously strange documents inside it there’s picture of the documents too yea so it was these patented documents dated for the 1930s uh so they had these patent numbers right and the numbers actualy match up with actual patent numbers that have no information about them also there is a name daniel christensen written on them . so the documents is about like technical sketches for constructions that are much too advanced for the 1930s and theres a buncha stuff about aliens and seraphims thats a certain breed of angel and yea

he goes like more and more insane the more the author writes it kinda turns into a manifesto . there’s also later been a story bout a women who rented a place and aparently the guy who lived there before was the guy who wrote all the stuff and there was a buncha stuff left from him wich later got thrown out by someone else and thats how taht stuff ended up in a trash bin . its kind of a strange thing liek if it just was the drawings and stuff it would be impressive and like hard to fake but they got these patent numbers wich i mean maybe someone did some research about numbers with no information about it i dunno if it fake its an impressive fake definetly a cool thing

Missing 411

so i talked about some missing 411 related stuff already on here so i guess i’ll make a post specificaly for it . basicaly its this series of very well documented disappearences under usualy unexplainable circumstances there is a certain pattern wich makes the cases connected . i dunno how detailed i will be here because it’s a huge topic but i’ll just i dunno well see . so there was this guy his name is david pauleides hes this police guy he wrote this books about bigfoot and while he was doin research in these national parks he got to talk to some park rangers who told him about these disappearemces . so in national parks people go missing all the time sometimes they aren’t found ever but theres this pattern were talking about stuff ill mention a few things that are very characteristic for them these dont have to all match with every case but a lot of them:

-people vanishing within seconds even tho they are near other people from the group

-dogs cant pick up any scent

-usually there is a drastic change of weather after a few hours like a big storm or snow

people are usualy being found after a few days or weeks in very weird circumstances like the following

- fully unclothed sometimes the clothes even folded next to them

-people who are found alive are basicaly only young children and they can’t remember or talk nonsense like being taken care of by big animals

-their feet sometimes have the skin walked off to the bone

-no clear cause of death can be determined so usualy it will be ruled as hypothermia because thats kinda a thing that pathologists tend to do

-they are often found in places that are either unreasonable to go to / have been searched before / or are hard or even impossible to access (one time a young child was found on a plateau that is barely reachable without a helicopter we’re talking about you need mountain gear to access it )

so this is all pretty strange and some stuff might be rationally explainable like corpses being found in places that have been searched before like often the nature just kinda makes it hard to find a corpse like in tall grass and stuff . but there are certain things that can’t be rationaly explained yet at least . so pauleides now wrote several books on the topic turns out there are over a thousand documented cases dating back hundreds of years maybe even more from old folklore tails and its kinda being covered up by the national parks i mean for business reasons obviously . so this usually only happens in national parks uh theres also some other things like the victims most of the time being of german descent wich is very odd but uh yea this whole kinda thing only became such a big deal because of david pauleides and his very clean way of showing information without theorising on it he knows that he is the guy who write books about bigfoot and so he tries to neutrally just present the information and nothing more to keep this thing from being washed down to sone esoteric nonsense . uh so theres still a lot of people who tend to rationalise some of the stuff even of they have to leave out facts wich im my opinion just dont do it only because you can’t rationaly explain a thing dosent make it supernatural immedeatly it just means we don’t have all the facts . so theres people saying the corpses found without clothes are cases of hypothermia wich ends in undressing themselves because the last stage of hypothermia makes you feel very very hot in your last moments however this is not a thing that happens often and it only happens after a long period of time wich this is like an example of leaving these facts out on purpose just to explain it even tho the explanation is wrong .YOU DIDNT SOLVE A MYSTERY IF U HAVE TO LEAVE TEH INCONVEINENT FACTS OUT its kinda like with the dyatlov pass only in the dyatlov pass mystery we reached a point where most of the information of the case that is documented by official sources is buried under nonsense;so uh to come back to 411 there are some cases in the 411 books taht can actualy be rationaly explained when you get all the facts like that one with the boy where the green barets showed up this usualy gets picked as a prime example of a 411 case but actualy it can prety logically be debunked nowadays but there are still many many cases taht u can’t explain logically yet when you take all the facts into account and that makes the beauty of it for me taht there is a real mystery that has yet to be uncovered

the dissapearence of Noah Donohoe

Noah Donohoe was a 14 yo boy from belfast in northern ireland who disappeared on june 21st 2020 and the circumstances are pretty unexplainable he was going to attend to this thing at this place called cave hill so he was going to ride his bike there . but he was spotted by cameras and he was going in a completely other place he left his backpack with his laptop in it at some university building that stuff was later stolen but it got recovered by the police it doesnt matter tho dosent have anything to do with the thing anyways he was then riding his bike and the place he was last seen was this street so he got picked up at the beginning of the street right and then one minute later that is important it was just a minute later he was picked up at the end of that street riding his bike butt naked also his clothes were later found lying on a little wall on the way but that is pretty strange like barely even physically possible to undress within one minute while riding a bike . also the cameras were later checked to make sure they didn’t show the wrong time or anytihng they worrked just fine so he then went into the direction of this storm drain wich is basically just a sewer and he was there found 6 days later drowned but the water realy wasnt that deep so thats weird for once but also within these 6 days where he was missing some guy inspected that sewer for his job and noah wasnt there so yea tahts uh very very strange isnt it . this whole thing was kind of a big deal in belfast and there was a lot of effort to do several autopsies n stuff and the boy was not on drugs or anything also there was like people who said that he mightve ditched his head while riding his bike but that is a stretch already but also the autopsys clearly state that he at least did not have any major head injury so that falls flat too . that makes the case prety interesting becausee it is so well documented and researched and stuff also there is still clothing of noah missing that was neverrecovered and the dogs used in the search couldnt pick up any scent so yea some of that stuff resembles missing 411 too .

the Robot Cave

on october 1st 2010 two parents and their 3 yo son went to a camping trip near mount shasta in california . so then the child who his name is never given hes always called john doe he suddenly disappeares . the parents called the authoroties and they searc hed for him and they later found him in like this weird state of mind where he wssnt realy conscious and they found him in that bush they already searched in and yea basicaly its very resembling on the missing 411 cases ; and so the boy claimed that he met his grandma and she took him to that cave where people were that didnt move and and the boy called it “frozen in time“ and then his grandma wanted him to poop on a sticky paper also she told him he comes from outer space and then he noticed that his grandma had shiny skin in the sun light and that was the point where he realised that it wasnt his grandma but a robot actually and yea anyways he told that story to his grandma later and his grandma asked his parents what kinda TV shows they let him watch but actualy she had been in taht are before and gotten unconscious and stuff under weird circumstances so yea its kind of a strange story so uh personally i think if its true it might be connected to missing 411 and also that grandma definetly was a skinwalker .


the zozo entity is a demon that can be summoned by ouija bords . he also sometimes gives other names like zoso oz mama zaza abacus or even pazuzu wich is uhm im not sure if he realy is pazuzu . zozo can mimic voices of dead peopl e in seances and drive people insane . theres been a buncha people over the years who encountered zozo the first time was in 1816 ;online there’s a buncha people who say they communicate d with zozo . its recommended to not communicate tho because zozo is supposed to be realy evil so dont do it i guess

Mel's Hole

mels hole is an urban legend that is about this guy named mel waters who called his radio station Coast to Coast AM and he told them he has this strange hole in his backyard basicaly a bottomless pit that goes down forever . mel claimed that he tested out how deep that hole is by using a fishing line with something heavy on the end and that it was 80.000 feet down and not at the botom of the hole ; also aparently they threw the dead dog of his neighbor into tte hole wich is i dunno i wouldnt do that to my dog but aparently it came back alive so yea that’s kinda strange isnt it . mel waters said that his property was bought by the government they kinda forced him to sell it so they could cover up all the evidence . so yea make of that what u will but i like the story its very much it realy makes u go ”huuuuuh?!“