Are they out there?
the obvious answer is yes ; sciencentist believe that sciencentist believe that some if not all cryptids are real . i will be presentin g cryptids that i like you can find them by scrolling down with that little wheel on your mouse . Back to main page


this one realy exists it started like with guys from the old west seeing them rabbits with antlers but they are very much real no mystery here go away . in the 1930s it was proven they exists its basicaly a disease where rabbits can have tumors that look like horns so the sightings were real not all of them of course but it started in a real thing anyways i want one but like maybe a stuffed one i don’t like pet bunnies because when they get scared they can kick so hard that it breaks its own spine thats so dumb and other than being scared they don’t do much like they just eat and poop and sure they love u and all but like they don’t physically show that so yea i’d say im more of a dog or cat person also i like watching these spider feeding videos once in a while like tarantulas actualy i got arachnophobia like its gotten better i can watch some spiders now its usualy dependant on how long and thin the legs are eh i mean its fine dosent matter right uh so yea when i worked as a vets assistant like we needed to be super careful with the bunnies taht we took stationary because of the whole kicking thing right we never had a rabbit acutaly hurting itself but i was always afraid it might happen so i didnt realy like handeling them in certain situations like not just holding them that is fine and all so yes maybe if a taxidermist had a stuffed jackalope for me i’d buy it but no living ones

Fresno Nightcrawler

they are these short two legged little white fellas and have nothing to do with that movie nightcrawler wich is a pretty good movie starring jake gillenhall . they were spotted only twice on video tape one time in fresno california and the other time was in yosemite national park ; i love how they look they appear to be so cute and so silly and all that stuff maybe it’s just a puppet or a guy in a weird suit but if they are real i want one as a pet

Oklahoma Octopus

the oklahoma octopus is supposed to be this red octopus the size of a horse that lives in fresh water lakes in oklahoma wich is how he got that name actualy yea . theres been little evidence except for eye witnesses and a buncha people drowning in the area;

the mongolian Death Worm

so this ones pretty interesting because its actualy not far fetched . yea so this one is basicaly this giant carnivore earth worm found in mongolia also the natives there call it "olgoi-khorkhoi" aparently . so the story goes like this there was a paleontologist wich is someone who digs throu old stuff like realy ancient stuff and he went in the 1920s into that area on like an expedition through mongolia and there teh locals told him stories about the worm but they had never seen it themselve so he went to a buncha native tribes and interestingly these tribes all knew the creature from discription and had that name for it olgoi-khorkhoi and these tribes without contacting each other they all said the same thing so yea there might be truth about it .
the worm is supposed to be this very long red creature like on the pictures and it s supoesed to be able to just speed through the sand like realy realy fast and also jump high out it like a dolphin out of water and it can spit acid . i think if it’s just an real animal not all of that stuff is true like maybe its not that fast and cant jump but an earthworm in the desert yea why not . there have been actualy a handful of people tryin to find it but they didnt have any luck and also theres people who think the worm might actualy just being confused with this red snake that also lives there like there lives this breed of snakes that has a red colour . but i guess these natives who live there would see the difference betwen a snake that is like normal wildlife in that area i mean i would see the difference so i guess theyd see it too since they grew up there right ?


ogopogo is kinda tte canadian version of the loch ness monster uh it’s supposed to live in the okanagan lake wich is thhis giant stretched body of water from the google images the area looks beautiful . history wise there has alway stories about a monster in the lake like native tribes had legends about it and later the setlers started to see it sometimes like that started uh in the 1800s somewhere . its kinda become this litle mascot of the lake and like i think canadians in general know what the ogopogo is i like taht its super cute .they also used it as a tourism thing like an agency made like this offer to give everyone money who could manag e to make a video of the animal wich there was afew people who made videos n stuff of things that might be it ; i love the idea of sea monsters its so fun to think about it being down there in the dephts below . ..


the thunderbird is a giant bird taht lives in north america . the native americans have many tales of the thunderbirds like the one where he ate that baby wich is prety cool i think . they are usualy described to look like giant birds like a vulture or an eagle only realy realy big but somethings people say it looks like a dinosaur . there have been many sightings from way back from native american tribes to the cowboys in the 1800s and even today
can u imagine how scary it would be to drive on an open field and just see this giant massive creature flying over you ?? TERRYFIYGN


they are aquatic creatures - white humanoids ;first discovered by a research ship crew around 20 years ago . they live in the antarctic ocean around 20-30 meters long wich is very long and also have varying human-like features .
it’s not realy known why they are around - also would they attack humans if they had the chance ?? . i like them a lot because the y look very cool and i bet they would be squishy .


the name skinwalkers or that legend around them n stuff comes from the navajo culture where they were evil spirits that can turn into the shape of animals but in reality skinwalkers can also turn into other humans . there is a theory that states that that the uncanny valley effect exists because humans needed the ability to distinct humans from human-looking things to survive .
aparently skinwalkers are most comonly encountered in deep forests so there might be a connection with nature but basicaly no one knows what they are or what they do to humans only that they mimic living things to bait you . so remember that they may look human but they arent .