Books i read

im pretty bad at reading because i got ADHD so i have a hard time concentradingg on it for a long time like more than a few minutes and stuff but i can like sometimes force myselff to do it when im like in thhe right mood or someting; i usually read like on train rides or at work or places like that also in summer i often ggo out into some fforest to read i can concentrade better when im around nature the beauty of gods creation . but i do read a fe w books and heres some that made an impression on me .

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this one is by wiliam burroughs he wrote this about his time being a junky who did heroin its very interesting to read william burroughs has this certain honesty to him i like how he talks yea the book is entertaining also educative and just one of the few books that keep it real at the end there is a part where he stops doin heroin and becomes an alcoholic instead but he is drinking so heavy taht his friends tell him to rather do heroin again because its probably better for his health

the dharma bums

this one is by jack kerouac it is autobiographical it iss a basically the next part of on the road wich i read just before and liked a lot but this one is more important to me he throws away his life in on the road and lives on the road and just lives from day to day with the money he makes and this one kinda is the same only he is now hardcore into buddhism and it is a lot more spiritual he still lives as a bum but he meets this guy japhy and they are such a pleasant pair it is full of very interesting talk about buddhism not the super earnest kind u often find but by actual people who have fun and laugh about everythingg also they are in nature most of the time and the discritpion of it is just so beautiful

travels with Charley in search of America

this one was recomended to me when i did this internship at that one staggeplay once the author of this book his name is john steinbeck he wrote a buncha classic literature like hes one of these very smart people or somethin and uh he won a nobel prize for this book he kinda ordered this makeshift car with like a portable home on it and traveled anonymously through the whole U S of A with his poodle charley - the reason why he do it is to learn his country like get to know it and i like his style of writing and talkin and a lot of the book is meeting people from all kind of US states . its very enjoyable and its kinda hard to say if you learn anythign about it or something but it is just fun and beautiful to read and also at the end he starts sayin the nword a lot .


interzone is uh kinda it works as context for naked lunch and uh its a collection of shorter stuff that william burroughs wrote and lots of it is very very good i love his style of writing when he is writing stuff that is meant to be narrative and make sense and uh i bought junky and queer becaues i liked this one - burroughs kinda is very self referencial and lots of his work kinda is somewhat biographical even the nonsensical stuff he writes much of his stuff from his own perspective and about real people but then thers also bug people and mugwugs and death and murder and underage porn executions and all that stuff . i reccomend this book to the class tho thanks for listeing to my presentation

Franny and Zooie

this one is by J.D. SAlinger and is actualy a short story and a novela put togehter ,so the short story is about this girl franny shes 20 and shes havin dinner with her boyfriend and kinda havin an existential chrisis and faints and she talks about this book she read about this monk who learned this prayer that you say over and over again until it becomes part of your character and you meet god in a way and how many cultures have similar ways of praving it's kinda a prayer that never stops and the novella is about this 25 year old actor taking a bath and you learn that hes her older brother they are this family of 7 siblings and the parents and they are like all geniuses with a very high education that were on a radio show and the sister is at home havin a mental breakdown also the mom is there and the actor and the novella is kinda the 3 of them havin just conversations about each other and it gets very philosophical and its also about how their upbringing and confrontation with all kinds of philosophies and world cultures made them unable to feel interested in everyday things and regular people to a point where the brother cant even have dinner with people without being either completely disinterested or super preachy its interesting very interesting

Thhe Metamorphosis

i read a lot from kafka and i guess he is supposed to be very depressing and stuff i have this book with most of his work i havent finished it like i read maybe 70% of it or some thing anyways when i did that internship at a stage play the old guy actor asked me why i read depressing stuff like kafka and i kinda said i think its silly how he thinks everything bad and stuff i kinda was like laughing about it a lot because im kinda i guess im more more optimistic about life and i was like huh thats silly . anyways the metamorphosis is a fun story i liked it a lot

Chainsaw Man

nnot realy a regular book but this my site who care. when i was younger like in middle school and a little in high school i was into manga and i read a lot of them and then i kinda grew out of it but then uh everyone talk about chainsaw man and then i gave it a try and actualy this one is exactly what manga should be it dosent have like any crazy transformation stuff or power scaling it’s just the characters goofing around and all and the fights are just him having chainsaws as atms this is just a perfect thing i love it its great its super violent and all that stuff my favourite character is the girl wht her brains hanging out halloween

a clockwork orange

the story takes place in the future but its actually the past because the book was written in like 1962 and young people can’t read anymore and they just get in fights and steal all day and rape women its kind of a dystopia . its pretty much the exact same thing as the movie only that there are a few more scenes like in the prison there’s a bit that has been skipped in the movie but other than that stuff its kinda the same . it’s about this kid alex whos realy intelligent and witty but also a gang leader and a psychopath and he goes to prison and gets experimental treatment that makes him unable to be violent anymore ; its all written in this language called nadsat wich is english but some words are made up or from other languages its a kind of slang wich makes it interesting to read also it makes you have to think about everything that you read and analyse it more .the whole thing is pretty much about human nature and how we shouldnt cut out ugly parts of the human nature because it would make us lose our humanity in the end and would be a bad thing and i kinda agree on that yea

the old man and the sea

its a good book i guess uh its not that long . i think old earnest hemmingway won a nobel prize for it but he shot himself anyways .. its about this old fisher who goes out and catches this giant fish and it takes him days . i like the old fisher he is realy stubbornn i like that . the fish is supposed to bbe a metaphhor i think or at least someone told me that but i didnnt notice that when i read it. its supposed to have bbeen pretty revolutionary for thhe time when it was written because of the way its narrated or something but today i dont think tghats reeally so special anymore or at least i dunno what so special about it but i enoyed reading what the fisher had to say so i think its a ggood book;

Naked Lunch

naked lunch was written by william s burroughs he is prety cool he was a beatnik back in the 50s and was doing all kinda drugs so he became kinda psychotic and started to think he was some kinda agent amd stuff he was writing these protocols and also he was gay wich was i think it was illegal in the 50s and also he shot his wife wich i think was also illegal in the 50s and he wrote about that stuff being a cover story and stuff although he just was gay and a murderer . the book is just an insane man on drugs rambling violent pornographic nonsense so it’s pretty rad actually he definetly has writing talent you can see it even in this book but naked lunch barely qualifies as literatur e me tihnks yea . not realy something you read but more something you experience and uh the movie is pretty rad too its one of my favourite films

Red Dragon

so there is this guy will graham hes am FBI agent and he can kinda emphasize with killers like he knows how they think and all . so he gets hired to track down this guy who kills people like kills entire families and rapes them and all that and this is actualy the first book in the hannibal lecter series by thomas harris . hannibal lecture dosent appear all that much in the book he just helps will graham to get to the killer who the narration follows as well he is a pretty interesting character too also the book tells you all that violent disgusting stuff wich i loved reading obviously . i havent read any of the other hannibal lecter books but ive seen the silent of the lambs movie also they made a tv show of red dragon and i loved that show when i was i dunno like 17 i think i dunno if id still like it as much but i watched the first few episodes again a while ago and i still liked it and mads mikkelsen is great i prefer him insteads of anthony hopkins i think he s perfect for the role . anyways the book was pretty good

the Pysicists

this book is realy funny its this classical comedy by friedrich dürrenmatt its a stage play that takes place in this mental ward where crazy people live they all think they are some kind of great scientist like one guy thinks hes einstein and the other guy he thinks he’s isaac newtons and theres this third guy who is he is caled möbius but actualy hes not insane he is just the greatest scientist in the word who has written a manuscript that could destroy the world but actualy the other guys arent insane either they are spies trying to get the manuscript and in the end it turns out the only guy who realy was insane was the author but actualy dürrenmatt is a genius i read a few of his books and i like his humor a lot hes a funny guy i hope hes still alive