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"Rocky Horror Picture Show" directed by Jim Sharman

i hate musicals this one is realy cool tho also tim curry has sexy legs and jim carrey is not in it but i woudlnt mind if he was when u watch the blureay watch the UK version cause it has a sad ending and the america version dosetn i think cause amercians are to dumb and stupid or some thing the songs are genuinely very nice and i will soon watch it again and also it is kinda the story is like frankenstein but then its completely different also lots of hot men and a hot woman and gay sex and stuff i recommend it a lot
”the Greasy Strangler“ directed by Jim Hosking

so uh this is uh is hard to describe the film and i don’t like the way other people describe it so uh yea this one is like funny but gross funny but not too gross like they are naked most of the film and theres a lot of grease so its about this guy big brayden he lives at his dads house his dad is like 150 years olds and his name is big ronnie they have a disco tour through the city and then brayden falls in love with a girl and his dad who is very narcissistic also wants the girl oh also his dad is the greasy strangler who is a guy who puts grease on him kills people the movie is very quotable i like quoting it and watched it like 3 times the week i saw it the first time . i was wanna watch it since it came out and like no one knows about it but i always thought i wouldnedn like it cause its so gross but it is not that gross it’s more like …. greasy . you probably think im the greasy strangler … tell u a secret : i am the greasy strangler
”Woyzeck“ directed by Werner Herzog

uh this one is a realy classical film but the performance by klaus kinski is whats selling it hes awesome like always he plays this soldier his name is woyzeck and hes schizophrenic but he dosent know that and because it takes place in 1900 or something the doctor is realy dumb and forces him to eat only peas for months like literally only peas and that malnourisches him and he goes more and more insane and its really well acted because i think klaus kinski is insane himself so its easy for him he just is himself only he did not have sex with his daughter in the film
"Once upon a time in Hollywood" directed by Quentin Tarantino

when i first saw it that was when it came out in the cinema i wasnt too much liking it uh tarantino is actualy my favourite director because he makes movies you can just watch any time and have a good time but they have still lots of substance and things to think about it carefully crafted fun id say and this is kinda the best way to use the medium in my opinion uh anyways i kinda had the wrong expectations for this movie but after watching it a few more times and readi ng the book and all i understand it more and basicaly tarantino loves this genre of movie he calls hangout film wich is when you feel like ur just hanging out with the characters and i agree this is a very coolthing and this is like basicaly that this is nothing happens for like almost 3 hours and it’s AWESOME . also this is very much a love leter to cinema and the whole industry and film as a medium . i guess he made the movie just for himself and you may enjoy it as well but this one is just for him and i enjoy that i enjoy how much emotion this movie resembles and what it means in context . i guess this movie is dependent on its context and that means many people will not get it on an emotional level so what does that mean i have no idea but yea i like it that’s all;
"A Clockwork Orange" directed by Stanley Kubrick

imagine a world in the future where there is a guy named alex and he is realy cool and punches people and takes drug and stuff then you have this film . it’s one of my favorite two movies amd its like realy cools and stylish i love the culture and all around it it just is so i dunno just stopped payin attention writing this but yea the movie is great go watch it
”May sea be calm, oh good sailor.” directed by Martin Pence Jr.

its about this expedition ship in 1912 that is going to the arctic ocean and then they discover this white sea monster that you dont realy see the whole movie the main character is this young soldier whos called boy by everyone and theres also a scientist with funny little glasses and stuff actualy its more about the people on the ship it takes like 30 minute until the monster appears and then its just little glimpses and you only see it once when the main character amd the scientist guy fall overboard you see it like a little and theres like this supernatural element because the monster dosent attack but it just keeps swimming around the ship and like makes the crew go insane and paranoid like with some kinda mind control and it’s so scary like to sea these people go insane and jump in the water . its realy athmosspherig to be on that ship and you don’t know whos gone insane and how everyone could betray the crew and also that they only show you so little of the sea monster it’s got this eerie white design with like arms and also the sound design has lots of ambient sounds and like whale cries in the distance it feels a lot less claustrophobic than youd expect …
”Dead Man“ directed by Jim Jarmush

anyone know william blake ? hes this famous painter who heard voices n stuff he had his completly own way of painting that was not inspired by any other previous school of art only by the bible which is insane also he was insane he heard voices and had visions and his very own kinda perspective on heaven . anyways the main character of dead man has the same name wich is uh for some reason william blake gets referenced in a very weird way by many artists and it drives me nuts and i swear there must be some kinda connection to the fibonacci sequence it’s hard to explain i dunno it just feels like there is a connection anyways this guy william blake he is the main character in the movie and hes played by johnny depp and its sorta a western or like anti western uh he meets this big native american fella who uh actually i dont wanna spoil the plot i guess i’ll just recommend it i think its one of the films ive seen but thats like personal preference and aesthetics stuff so you might not think so but i dunno give it a shot
"the Good, the Bad and the Ugly" directed by Sergio Leone

one of my two big favourite films of all time i like western and cowboys and revolvers and all that cool stuff ive seen a bunch of them and this one is by far the best ive ever seen . its so full of adventure and i still get goosebumps everytime when the ending hits you with that music . its about these three guys who all try to get the lost treasure of a soldier named bill carson .clint eastwood is the coolest guy that was ever put into any movie and also it has lee van cleef who plays the bad guy .i watched this movie with my grampa and he liked it as well its just this big adventure movie with cool guys and guns and so much heart and charisma i love it so much its unreal .
”the King of Comedy“ directed by Martin Scorsese

king of comedy is actualy my favourite scorsese film even tho its not realy violant at at all it’s this character study about thi s guy rupert pumpkin who wants to be a hot shot in stand up comedy hes a genuine pain in the ass to be around because hes really anoying and bugging people all the time but he has very charismatic aspects too so hes kinda complex i think and then he tries to get jerry lewis to give him a part in his show or something anyways the big strength of the movie is the great performances i mean mostly the performance by robert deniro i like him hes a good actor and stuff also this movie inspired taht new joker movie wich was also good but i like this one more .
”Funeral Parade of Roses“ directed by Toshio Matsumoto

ive seen it like i think 4 or 5 times and its kinda become one of my favourite films . it takes place in the japanese gay and crossdressing scene of the late 60s and some of the characters are played by actual stars of the nightclub scene from that time . sometimes the movie is cutting out of the story and just interviewes the main characters and also random people from the scene about how they view themselves and their identity and sexuality and stuff. the story is a drama its this love triangle and my friend donte said that this is the most colourful black and white movie hes ever seen wich i think fits it very well because it has so many interesting visuals like stylistic choices wich even inspired clockwork orange its such a fun and creative piece of art
"Predator" directed by Jon McTiernan

great action film with lots of arnold schwarzenegger and much biceps strong men big weapons but turns out big men aren’t as strong when they get hunted buy an even stronger man that is also and alien and also he is invisible and got better and bigger weapons is a genius piece of media because it mixes action with horrror and i love horror and also arnold schwarzenegger its a great movie to watch when your into violence and all that stuff
"MARTIN" directed by George Romero

i like this movie a lot because the main chrakter is like me . the story follows martin he is an imbecile who kills women and drinks their blood because thinks he is a vampire . he has to move in with his cousin who is the colonel from kfc and his daughter - his cousin also thinks martin is a vampire if he realy is a vampire the viewer dosent know ? wanna know if he’s a vampire do you ? well you have to watch tte movie and decide for urself if he realy is one or just mentaly ill .
"Naked Lunch" directed by David Cronenberg

naked lunch is a movie that is based on this book written by bill burrows he was on heroin and bug poison and stuff when he wrote it some time in the fifties so the book is kinda just him writing nonsensical porn and violence stuff ; it dosent realy have a story . the movie is kinda bout how he wrote it because he wrote most of it while he was psychotic hallucinating and the movie makes no sense realy but is intentional . pretty cool stuff and makes more sense when you read the book wich i have its a terible book it has no real story and the movie has great art direction .
"Ghost in the Shell" directed by Mamoru Oshii

its pretty much a perfect movie i think its got this terrific art direction and music and all of it is just so beautiful and gloomy also i usualy enjoy characters just hanging out and talking to each other more than the action parts and here they have realy good action but also the characters do have dialogue stuff going on and all that . its only 83 minutes long and it uses that time great and leaves u wanting more i dont like it when movies are longer than they need to be but i think this one is realy well paced or something .its also got some interesting commentary on philosophy i think but i dont realy get it so figure that out for yourself
"Dr. Mabuse the Gambler" directed by Fritz Lang

its a silent film so i guess uh if ur not into that thats like understandable n stuff also it’s like realy realy long like i think its 4 and a half hour or something but its pretty good and i like it a lot . its about this evil mastermind Dr. Mabuse who is a psychologist who can mind control people through hypnosis and hes like playing poker against these rich folks and makes them think they lost and are in debt because of him and also he runs this crime organisation . hes always disguising himself with make up and fake moustaches and stuff like that that is so entertaining to watch ; also at the end hes disguising himself as a very racist depiction of a jewish person .
"Frenemy" - little Fish strange Pond" directed by some guy

i love this film and barely anyone knows about it because they put zack galifainacis or whatever hes spelled on the cover and people thought it was a comedy because zack galifaragosk plays the fat guy in hangovers movie wich he is a good actor and a funny guy but this is not that kind of movie and hes in this for liek 6 minutes or something so yea people hated it and gave it 1/5 rating . it follows the story of Mr. Jack and Sweet Stephen they basicaly just walk through los angeles and talk about the philosophy of good and evil and they are the evil guys because you later find out they killed sweet stephens ex girlfriend earlier that day . and that is the entire movie it dosent even have a message at the end except for ”murder is alright“ wich is terific because it finaly gives people who are mean spirited and wicked a character to emphasise with . i love the writing and music and stuff . visualy it is not very impressive but yea whats your name? paul ? check this out paul .